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Experience, knowledge, integrity, and sound business procedures are the underpinnings of my art advising practice.

Navigating the complex world of fine art requires a trained eye, expertise, and a carefully cultivated set of connections to a diverse set of art world insiders. A meaningful dialogue about art, often begins with an unbiased assessment of a client’s personal vision and goals within a realistic budget. 

Expert assistance in focusing a collection towards a particular aesthetic, recommendations of artists to enhance a collection, and help with de-accessioning works that lie outside a collection’s focus, form the basis for a successful relationship. 

My clients benefit from unique access to exceptional artworks from private collections not readily available to the public, exclusive art fair previews and competent on-site art fair navigation. Discreet and judicious auction bidding ensures privacy and guarantees the best artwork for the best possible price. 

Extensive post-sale patronage that includes shipping, installation, insurance, and preservation guidance brings peace of mind; collection management including maintenance, conservation, data base inventory systems, and museum loans guarantee that a client’s collection is in safe hands for generations to come. 

I see art every day. Whether it is the latest gallery exhibition, a new museum show, a far-flung art fair, a visit to an artist’s studio, or an exclusive view into a closely guarded private collection, relentless and uninterrupted visual contact with art is my passion and echoes Picasso’s belief that “art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

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